The most bizarre diets of 2010

To Diet or not to diet, that is the question. And the answer? Obsession with weight loss leads many women to try the most unusual diets and some of them can be very dangerous and life threathening.

diets01 The most bizarre diets of 2010

Although aware of the fact that a diet that leads to a safe weight loss should act slowly and healthy, many ladies don’t have enough patience and willpower. Different “experts” are well aware of that too, so with each year passing by diets are becoming more and more bizarre. We present you four specific dietary requirements that are in 2010. year, outpacing all other child.


The essence of this diet is that you should inject female pregnancy hormone (hCG) every day and to simultaneously enter 500 calories a day. Supposedly, this hormon can be prescribed by doctor or you can get it online. However, it is clear that those who decide to start such a diet can be easily injecting just plain ordinary water, and they will halve their weight. Thats because an adult needs about 2,000 calories a day, depending on the age and gender, and intake of 500 calories is not enough even for normal brain function. Doctors warn that serious studies have shown dangerous effects of “hCG diet”, but nevertheless this diet is still promoted on the Internet. The most famous celebrity who proudly admits that she kept this diet is Britney Spears.

diets03 The most bizarre diets of 2010

diets02 The most bizarre diets of 2010


This is another extremely unhealthy, nutrient-poor approach to weight loss that is unfortunately becoming increasingly popular. You might think that there is nothing wrong with eating food for babies, but adults who have teeth, organs and developed a far greater body weight of babies, need far more calories to maintain vital functions. The downside of this diet is reflected in the fact that after a few days to, adult develops big and unhealthy desire for normal food, which leads to overeating. One of the famous ladies who held her figure through this diet is Jennifer Aniston.

diets04 The most bizarre diets of 2010

diets05 The most bizarre diets of 2010


Those who decide to take this extreme approach, will first need to swallow the parasite that is commonly found in uncooked meat or infected feces. After that, they need to wait for it to develop in the intestine, and than the weight loss will start. When their health is seriously impaired, these extreme dieters are forced to seek medical help and surgical intervention to remove the parasites out of their body. This diet is so bizzare that at first glance seems that no one can be capable for actually doing it. However, research shows that there are such people. Asian women are famous for using this bizarre diet. Doctors also agree that this is completely insane.

diets06 The most bizarre diets of 2010

diets07 The most bizarre diets of 2010


This diet means taht you can forget everything that you heard and read about healthy eating and star living of candy and a little bit of canned vegetables. Supposedly, with such a diet you’ll lose 12 pounds. Professor of nutritionism at the University of Kansas wanted to prove that the amount of calories is more important than nutritional value of food. He was eating 1800 calories a day, the energy value of food that would help anyone to lose weight. He eated candy full of sugar, bad fats and flour. By the time, he elevated blood sugar levels, and gave rise to a smaller inflammatory processes. Although nutritionists advise that “life on sweets” is a bad choice, it seems that the beautiful actress Liz Hurley does not care for it. She is one of the most famous proponents of this diet.

diets08 The most bizarre diets of 2010

diets09 The most bizarre diets of 2010


diets10 The most bizarre diets of 2010

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