Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

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At some point in 2010, Alex Noriega, illustrator from Barcelana,  was going through a crisis due to some isues at work. He decided to start a blog as a way of trying to find what he was doing wrong. He wanted to put on paper all that he had learned in life as simple as possible and try to see if what was happening around him made any sense. And it didn’t icon wink Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life Still, his work is great and we are happy to present it to you!

noonetold01 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold02 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold03 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold04 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold05 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold06 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold07 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold08 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold09 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold10 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold11 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold12 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold13 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold14 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold15 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold16 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life


noonetold17 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold18 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold19 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life

noonetold20 Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life


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94 Responses to “Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life”

  1. BlueGlutton says:

    That’s excellent and so true.

    Bruno from BlueGlutton

  2. Hamnonymoos says:

    This seems oddly similar to a set of Subnormality/Viruscomics comics. As in, almost identical, with different art.

    • Bob says:

      I looked at the Subnormality/Viruscomics comics and they are not even remotely similar.

      • Mikey says:

        It is slightly similar to the Subnormality comics “Monstrous Discrepancies,” “S*xier Th>n,” and a few others. the ideas of a lot of the Subnormality certainly carry through, but those are individuals ideas of insight by seemingly like-minded people

  3. Bindi says:

    amusing cartoons.
    I wish you had one about the accepting that you will be outsourced.

    keep them coming.

  4. Sebastian says:

    wonderful, that’s the real life

  5. Nathan says:

    It’s ‘naivety’ not naiveness.

  6. Matt says:

    That one with the cat’s nine lives is so funny.

  7. Herp a derp says:

    This is just one person’s opinion about life…. they’re not facts.

  8. Appan says:

    This is very heartening. We need such fun sprinkled in our day to day living.”In these modern times” were phrases used by every generation.
    Thanks very much and look forward to more.

  9. Gattamelata says:

    I was so close to writing a scathing diatribe about how unfunny and platitudinous these were until I kept on reading and found myself enjoying them very much. Good show. The ones I did enjoy, which not to say were all, but a strong majority, made me chuckle and moreover made good sense while incorporating humor. It’s nice to see originality not beat into the ground to the point of some myopic PSA. Well done.

    • The Observer says:

      Chill the f out!!! Everyone can use big words, but they don’t make you look smart, they just show people how small you really feel! You can’t make up for insecurities by using big words and senseless crap. Get a hang of life and follow the advice in these comics, as you seem in need of help!

    • David says:

      Oh my god, SHUT UP.

    • dc8329 says:

      I’m glad you listened to the “complaining doesn’t solve anything” one… now how about the “always trying to sound smart makes you sound dumb?”

  10. seekingtheone247 says:

    Some of this is so true!! Brings some realities into focus.

  11. Tess says:

    I LOVED these: a super combo of just plain funny, and others a little more thoughtful

  12. EIRO says:

    Europeans “TRAF”? :D

  13. melon says:

    “Work as slow as you can but pretend it’s impossible to work any faster”… yet it’s the companies and brands that take advantage of you. Kind of ironic I thought.

  14. Julian says:

    this is bad, i all was good untill , “try find some on to lught about everything”

    i had some one like that and the Rest WAS NOT FINE AT ALL , i coulnt continue reading sorry

  15. vaniboss says:

    loved itttttttttttt

  16. Marcel Proust says:

    hackneyed aphorisms ignoring common sense disguised as unconventional wisdom accompanied by poignant pictures whose message nobody questions because humans prioritize poetry over truth, which is all well and good unless you’re trying to make a guide for how to interact with reality appropriately

    • Jackie says:

      Whatever you say, Nurse Ratched.

    • Alex says:

      Humans prioritize poetry over truth? That must be why you ignore linguistic rules while spouting false assertions.

      Honestly, there are shorter words for what you’re trying to say, and if you want to sound smart, use punctuation and capitalization. Also, what you’re trying to say is just plain wrong.

    • bakkalady says:

      wow…someone had an extra dose of angry today…

  17. Carolyn E. Matteo says:

    I love “Trust your instincts”! Nice job! Bravo!

  18. Cahira says:

    I almost wish these were postcards

  19. boca says:

    these are really cute, some of them are life truths and some are just funny :)

  20. Nat says:

    Love every single quote. Gonna have to share this :)

  21. Tori says:

    This opened my eyes… So many lessons in one night, thank you :D

  22. Bob says:

    I really enjoyed these. For those looking for it to be the iching, perhaps they should go read the actual iching.

  23. holzgrill says:

    some of the most profoundly important statements dressed in the most approachable comics.
    Inspirational artwork

  24. Fickdace says:

    What a wonderful page to discover on a Friday afternoon. You really brightened up my week, thank you for sharing with us all!

  25. April says:

    I usually come across this on and every time I see it, it makes me smile and I always “like” it. Thank you.

  26. Shapewear says:

    Yes these are all true. Never let life get you down.

  27. Ana says:

    Awesome work! Awesome clarity!!!

  28. Muhammad Ali says:

    Awesomest collection! I am gonna print them all

    • Roxana M. P. says:

      There is just one thing I disagree with: guilt being useless. I believe guilt, as an emotion can be explored to understand the morals of society as it is. Guilt is important because it tells us we may have wronged someone innocent, weather by an innocent lie or worse, it is guilt that reminds us we did something that hurt someone and pushes us toward rectifying the mistake. Guilt, i believe, is an important part of Conscience or Super Ego, our ability to self censor and behave accordingly within society.

      Also… The last panel has gotten me curious as to what you believe being unlucky is. True most people in that situation have done a lot to get themselves there(alcoholism, drugs) but some have been robed of their homes, chased out of their homes, a tragic event may have driven them to schizophrenia. Life is a very cruel place and some… well… were just unlucky. But to not think of this, the stereotype of the drunken homeless was used, present even in your panel(the bottle)

      These are my opinions and curiosities,

  29. purplegypsy says:

    Brilliant acidic words of Wisdom;

    thanks for sharing your Headd


  30. schmegma says:

    Fun fact: the printing press (in Europe, at least) didn’t take off in popularity because people demanded books, it took off because the Catholic Church demanded printed indulgences to make big time money. (this is totally true, I saw it on TED).

  31. Hinrich says:

    Brilliant, except for: “Guilt is a useless emotion.” Guilt is a very important emotion, actually. The lack of guilt renders you a psychopath – per definition.

    • Marshal says:

      The guilt one really needs some work. I’m guessing that you mean the kind of guilt imposed on us by religion and/or possibly advertising, these are very negative. Guilt that arises from empathy – that bad feeling you get because you made someone suffer – is central to socialisation, its absence, as the previous poster says, can lead to socio/psychopathic behaviour.

      I guess the problem is that what I’m talking about is more properly called remorse, but that and guilt are often used interchangeably. Maybe guilt is something imposed upon us while remorse comes from within.

    • blinie says:

      You must remember that these were written in a time of stress. I’m sure one shouldn’t take this statement for pure face value. Sure, one should feel guilty over some matters, but holding onto guilt is harmful after a time. I believe that is what the author is getting at.

      • Marshal says:

        ‘I’m sure one shouldn’t take this statement for pure face value.’

        A very fair point, blinie, but these are being presented as ‘Simple Truths’ and, by definition, should not require interpretation. ‘Simple Truths’ or common sense – call them what you like – are things we constantly seek to console us in the complexity of the decisions we make in life; I’m very weary of any such that can be used as an excuse for bad actions and I feel this might be one of those.

  32. Lauren says:

    Some of these are very lovely, some will get you arrested.

  33. regan says:

    i disagree with ” guilt is a useless emotion” otherwise when we hurt someone we would do it again and again and never learn from our experiences.

  34. Joseph says:

    I loved most of these. Except this one for example:

    “Fact: Big companies will suck your blood and your soul… try to avoid them.”

    Hmmmm, so the author say as he creates these cute comics using software made by a big company, on a computer made by a big company and sips a soft drink made by a big company… and on and on and on. Just look around the room you are sitting in and count how many things you can see that WEREN’T made by a “big company.” (Who by the way employ hundred sometimes thousands of people. Very bloodsucky!)

    Try this:

    “Big governments will suck your blood and your soul… try to avoid them.”

    You can avoid using products and services made by big “evil” corporations and live like the amish if you choose. But, few can escape the clutches of a tyrannical government. Which, in a way is the largest of all corporations!

    Keep government small and maximize liberty.

    • barbara says:

      big companies suck your blood and your soul if you WORK for them – spending money is not giving blood (usually, I think)

      that’s my first interpretation to that//

      Try this:

      try to avoid being smart-aleck on the internet… who cares?

      • Joseph says:

        Thank you for clearing that up for me Barbara.

        It is a FACT after all that everyone that works for a big company gets paid 4 dollars an hour and is soulless. And everyone that owns a big business is an evil bloodsucker that does not care for his employees.

        However, I can’t believe you would spend money on a product made by a corporation that sucks the life blood of its employees. I mean do you want to keep the devil in business? You should check your priorities. You should never buy a big company product like the computer you are typing on. Otherwise you are aiding in the destruction of people’s souls.

        Lol! I mean seriously! This is how your brain works!? Let’s not forget that if everyone followed your advice of not working for big companies, big companies wouldn’t be around to make all the cool products YOU USE EVERYDAY!

        Try this:

        “Avoid attempting to one-up someone that has superior reasoning skills to your own on the internet. And then say, “Who cares?” When clearly you care enough to type back a response. Then you just sound like a hypocrite.”

        • The Observer says:

          Why do you people try to look so smart on the internet and are total failures in real life(generally speaking)? Stop being d…. to each-other, put on some grown-up pants, do something worth saying “I lived”!

          • Joseph says:

            Using your criteria, you’re a total failure at life, Observer. You are after all trying to look smart on the internet…

        • Tasha says:

          According to these Simple Truths of Life, Joseph… You have a small ….

          • Joseph says:

            Nah, It’s average in size and quite handsome! Sounds like you REALLY need to get some, Tasha. Why don’t I whip it out for you…

  35. Sweetiepie says:

    Everyone who posted negative things about this post, are ridiculous. Calm down! he was just trying to do something creative.. I would like to see you post something cool like this ass holes.

  36. lilith says:

    super awesome work!

  37. Observer says:

    This last page was a lot more of your opinions and less insightful thoughts about life. These are really good. just try to stay away from that.

  38. vanessa fields says:

    i do believe i hide a mean weiner

  39. Tarl says:

    Naiveness is not a word.

  40. Dom says:

    Excellent!! Great job, you have your own style, and the thoughts you share are really inspiring.

  41. allbutone says:

    Guilt is not a useless emotion. It’s the foundation of our sense of empathy which makes us not kill people or do terrible things just because we feel like it. Doing nothing due to guilt is the bad thing. Lacking guilt and thus having no empathy is literally the key difference between healthy people and sociopaths.

  42. Singapore Tourism says:

    Fabulous stuffs

  43. KHR says:

    Good quotes with better images….!

  44. angelica says:

    this is SIMPLY AMAZING <3

  45. citygirl says:

    i just want to say……GREAT JOB!!! some of these were so funny and made me giggle, others were a little on the dark side, but they are still “one persons” thoughts and emotions and should be respected for that!

    thank you and keep up the good work!!!

  46. MM985 says:

    The thought is nice, if a little idealistic. Although a little ‘dippy’ on the whole scale of things. It was worth a chuckle, but I wouldn’t use these as a serious ‘guide to life’ on things. One persons ‘fact’ is another persons nonsense.

  47. Ernest says:

    I can’t comment on these cartoons without violating the terms of one or more of them… oh, I think I just violated the terms of one or more of them.

  48. Brittney says:

    I agree with all but the work slowly one. Sometimes you have to move a little faster or lose said job.

  49. Killjoy Supreme says:

    I agree with most except “Try it like there is no chance of failure.” Last time I did that it didn’t help me at all, but rather I felt even shittier when I did fail.

  50. Freta Felcher says:

    Some really powerful messages here. You should also add: There are no facts, only interpretations…

  51. Daniel Cernea » Blog Archive » Life Lessons » Daniel Cernea says:

    [...] important to guide your life based on a set of rules. So… here are some [...]

  52. Dave Mercier says:

    These comments are awful. Amazing, AMAZING comic.

  53. David says:

    This was interesting until it got all anti-corporatist (Big companies ARE your friend when you work for one, bub) and advocated not working hard.

    And the work as slowly as possible/never rush ones are just awful advice.

    This feels like it was written by an early-20s trust funded hipster.

  54. NobleNihilist says:

    “someday you will miss todaY’, ohhh that happens all the time. I have to learnt truly appreciate what i have now. and stop worrying, because well, i am going to miss today.

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  56. [...] Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life – Fun Stuff Cafe Page 1 Page 2 Page 3. At some point in 2010, Alex Noriega, illustrator from Barcelana, was going through a crisis due to some isues at work. He decided to start a blog as a way of trying to find what … [...]

  57. PakiTiger says:

    simple truths of life’ is the best thing that happened to me today…..marvelous !

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