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How much time you spend online? How real is the problem of dependence on the Internet? Internet addiction is hard to define even after more than a decade of research. Using questionnaires, it was possible to identify how people feel and what they think about their online behavior.
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Some people spend too much time reading, some else watching at TV, others working and all ignore other aspects of there life: family, friends and social activities. The time can’t be an indicator to determine a behavior of addiction. Time should be considered in context with other factors. If you are a student sure you spend a lot of time online, to study, investigate or search for the latest news. Maybe the access to the internet is a part of job descriptions at work. Many of us spend time surfing the Internet without a particular purpose loosing the track of time with different activities: from just surfing the net to online games and conversation with friends. It takes a lot of willpower for good organizations of time spend in the virtual space. It requires a balance between the real life and the life of www fantasy. Time spent online by children has become a source of frustration for many parents. Initially, most parents receive the Internet with the open arms in their homes believing that will open a new world of educational opportunities for their children’s. In time, however, parents notice that children’s instead use Internet for there homework or other educational research, they spend hours talking with friends, play online games or talking to strangers in various chat rooms.

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Studies show that boys are frequent users of the role play games (RPG), where he can assume identities and can interact with other players. Although he comes in contact with many users may appear as a social activity for introverted kids, online games can isolate him from his real friends. Experts from Harvard have identified symptoms of dependence on computers as follows: a euphoric state as long as is on the computer, the inability to stop at any time playing on computer, the desire to spend their increasingly more time on computer; neglect their family and friends, feelings of depression, isolation and irritation when they are not on the computer, problems at school or at work. It was identified and the physical symptoms: migraines, back pain, neglect of personal hygiene, change in sleep habits and nutrition. Ability to interact and communicate with others is one of the biggest attractions of the Internet. Conversation with people in chat rooms and online games, competitions and completing online questionnaires are popular activities. Unfortunately, most of us don’t understand the risk to our mental and physical health and the risk for our security and privacy.

After writing this article I wonder if I suffer of these dieses because it’s not a big secret that I spend most of the day on computer. If I am dependent of my computer or not it’s not your problem but you should serious thing about how much time you spend on your computer surfing the fantasy waves of www.

How much time you spend online?


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    Man it would be amazing if got this! my computerr now would probably overheat and die if i was to try and run D3 for long, but this pc would be the dream that i will never win :( but heres hopin :)

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