Crazy things men do for women when it comes to love

Of the crazy things men do for women when it comes to love, being a complete klutz is the most common. When men are around women that are attracted and they develop feelings for them, for some reason many of them become clumsy and accident prone. The possible reason for this could be that they are so focused on the way they feel about the woman that they do not notice anything else around them.
husband Crazy things men do for women when it comes to love

This behavior can be demonstrated through minor things such as falling down or tripping, but it can be worse for some men, like accidentally breaking things or being so distracted that they run into something.

Another crazy thing men do is fight over the woman. If it becomes known to a man that another man is interested in the woman he is in love with, and the other man tries to approach her, jealousy can be a major issue. This can lead to a physical fight which probably stems from men being a more territorial and aggressive gender that uses physical strength as a means of defense to ward off threats. This type of male behavior dates back to the early ages and can still be biologically apparent in their DNA.

bella gets between edward and jacob triangle fight kiss breakup eclipse Crazy things men do for women when it comes to love

Being a complete show off is another crazy thing. When men want to impress women and make the best impression possible, some think they must show the woman everything they have to offer that has a high financial value. This can be buying ridiculously expressive presents for them or showing off their new car or house.

They basically want to send the message that being with them is a good idea because they are financially stable and can afford anything. This is not a good idea though because the men can come off as arrogant, materialistic, and will attract women that solely want a man for money and not love.

Being a dress up doll for a woman is also something men do. Sometimes they want to be exactly what the woman wants them to be, and they use clothes to make a statement.Women love to dress up their guy, and he will usually go along with her taste even if he deep down hates her selection. It is not necessarily crazy to do this if style help is asked for, but letting this happen and not particularly wanting it can lead to dependence and a loss of individuality.

That was a few crazy things men do for women when it comes to love. Love is definitely something that can take over the mind of any person and cloud their judgment. It is completely understandable because it is in our human nature. So next time a new romancemay be starting up, look out for those behaviors because you may not know that they are happening.

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